“Hands Helping Hands” Special Edition CALICURE

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This Special Edition CALICURE hand file is designed with our healthcare professionals in mind. When you purchase one of these files, you will be donating $5.00 and we will match the $5.00 to donate a total of $10.00 per file to each of the following organizations, American Red Cross, CDC Foundation, Save the Children and United in Movement. While doing so, you will know that every time you use your Special Edition “Hands Helping Hands” file that you helped contribute to the many hands out there worldwide who help us unconditionally.

As always, each file is ergonomically designed to easily file down hand calluses to prevent rips and tears from high intensity cross and gymnastic training. Designed to last a minimum of 12 months with weekly usage and is totally waterproof. Clean it and keep reusing it!